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Be Aware. Get ahead. Win.

In this age of information, data is king. Intercept excels in getting the full picture,

collecting all available information using cutting-edge technologies from all available sources (and less available).

The result is brought back to you as a simple answer to any question.

Let us dig out all the info, analyze it with our team of aces,

and let you be the boss who knows it all before taking your next great business move.

From market research to company due diligence, from people profiling to social media campaign detection and response,

we cover all your business needs when it come to intelligence.

It’s almost unfair how good we are.


Business Intelligence
Research & Analysis

Market research and analysis on a variety of industries.

Competitive Intelligence reports - tailor made reports, tailored to your specific industry, location and needs.

Periodic Business verticals Intelligence reports -abstracts of news from leading news agencies, social media sources and a proprietary platform with unique insight from within the industry.

Person Background

Background checks on potential partners or executives who apply for a job in your business, or a potential client that you intend to meet. Financial information, academic titles verification and personal matters review.

Profiling -

Examines the person’s characteristics and aptness to a specific role, challenge or task.

M&A Screening

Effective screening information at early stages that will allow a structured identification of threats to a successful merger.

Who are the Most Valuable Employees (MVEs) of the target organization?

Who are the main contributors to the company’s Intellectual Property and novelty, and are they still active in the company?

Will they fit the culture of the acquiring company/joint venture?


KYC Reports

A full compliance check-up on any person – including risk measurements related to any type of potential problem.

Person Due Diligence reports -

A comprehensive financial analysis about any person, covering all assets.

Company Reports

A onetime report or continuous monitoring service. The history of the company, its structure, managers, directors, products, issues  (reputation/ quality/legal), employee's opinions on their managers and workplace, financial situation and much more.

Brand Protection

Is your company under attack? Has someone copied your website? Is someone pretending to be a manager of the company in a social media outlet? We will discover any fraud, identity theft, phishing or hostile influence campaign and who’s behind it.

We also offer positive campaign response solutions for reputation crisis management and recovery.

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