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Boutique Web Intelligence Services

 Highest Level of Quality and Commitment.




Intercept provides quality market research, competitive intelligence, due diligence information and more.   From people through companies to countries we collect and analyze big data using cutting-edge technologies.

Let us dig out all the info, analyze it with our team of aces, and provide you accurate actionable intelligence.

From market research to company due diligence, from people profiling to social media hostile campaign detection, we cover all your business needs when it comes to intelligence.


Intercept covers all operational web intelligence needs. We specialize in cyber threat intelligence and physical threat intelligence; bringing unique added value in Incident Response, physical risk assessment, web-fraud investigation  and more.

As a boutique company our service is attentive and personal, tailored to the specific client, situation and need.

Our unique expertise and industry-leading algorithms provide customers the assurance that they have the best possible intelligence.


Cyfluence is our unique capabilities of detecting and mitigating hostile influence campaigns.

With cutting-edge technologies and methodologies we detect Cyfluence hostile campaigns over multiple platforms, such as social media outlets, fake websites, cyber attacks aimed at influencing (such as hack & leak) and more. We provide end-to-end solution, from early warning (predictive intelligence) through incident response to reputation recovery services.

Intercept is a web intelligence company, providing high-end intelligence services, training, and support to corporations and state organizations worldwide. Intercept provides corporations with business related intelligence, cyber threat intelligence, physical security related intelligence, and reputation protection related intelligence.

With countries Intercept proactively builds their cyber-influence resilience,

and helps them to respond and defeat hostile influence campaigns.

Intercept is the trusted advisor and service provider of technology and intelligence to state organizations and management of leading corporations worldwide.



Our distinctive web intelligence is attentive.



Put an analyst in the front and not a software

  (which we also have); 

Support all web intelligence needs;

Provide only relevant, sorted intelligence.  

We conduct a thorough web search that covers sources

from the open ("regular") web, the closed ("Dark") web,

social media outlets and more.


In order to provide the best possible cover,

we use uniquely robust array of technologies and a complementary manual search

in places where human interaction is needed.

What We
Aim For

We understand what is needed and provide on time the most accurate intelligence.  

Our goal is to cover all bases, be it for business intelligence, cyber threat intelligence, physical threat intelligence or brand reputation -

for us it is all information gathered from the Internet and analyzed by subject matter experts. 





We bring industry unmatched variety of technologies, some of them not available in the market yet, tailored to each project; collecting data from all relevant Internet spheres.
In addition, we use our own algorithms to analyze the data and extract actionable intelligence, no other company can.

We work with countries and companies across a variety of  environments and industries all over the globe, and provide them timely actionable intelligence, enabling better business decision making and more accurate security actions.
We tackle some of the most complex attacks worldwide and apply this experience to deliver best results. 

We deliver high value and actionable intelligence, with clear prioritization and cost-effectiveness considerations in mind. We know what can and cannot be done. We take a comprehensive view of your needs and aim to drive your resilience against the highest-impact risks and focus on the highest-impact opportunities.

We understand attackers like no one else, as we have been there. To flip the asymmetry against attackers, you need to think like them and emulate their tactics. We apply our experience in state-level operations and constant analysis of threats to build security against the latest and emerging attacker capabilities, and to defeat attacks.


As part of the desire to provide a  solution to all our customers' needs, Intercept is an ally with some of the most experienced and professional companies in the field. When each one is an expert in a specific niche, together they make up the 9500 alliance - a group of companies providing a holistic approach to business and security, covering all operational demands.

With teams specializing in different aspects, 9500 alliance provides not only intelligence but also the actions, including: cyber security and cyber security related intelligence, physical security and physical security related intelligence, brand protection, cyber-influence (Cyfluence) security, training courses, governmental projects and more.

For governmental clients 
Tailored solutions

Cyber Intelligence Centers


For Surveillance, Monitoring & Thwarting Illegal Activities over the web.

We provide tools (software) and methodologies to monitor activities over the web, enabling alerts and research reports revealing criminal, terror and other hostile activities. The Cyber Intelligence Center provides intelligence to variety of state organizations, including counter terrorism, law enforcement, financial investigations and more. 


Cyfluence Defense Centres


Countries suffer from hostile influence campaigns (HIC) run by rival nations, external opposition and other threat actors; and aimed to inflict damages to their reputation, resilience and governance. While the threat can be seen on a daily basis, and its impact is clear, the ability to identify, mitigate or prevent such campaigns is limited.

So what do we offer?

Building Cyfluence security centers, including technology, methodology, training and operating.  

Consulting: working with local teams, providing Cyfluence incident response support, , technology implementation, war games and more.

Advanced Training Modules 


The vast experience of Intercept is translated into training modules, starting with the most basic module moving along the modules to the most comprehensive data collection possible. Although it is all open source data collection, some of the sources are hidden behind usernames and passwords, encryption and members-only websites, forcing creative collection solutions.

 After the collection comes the analysis, which in open source, has to do with information reliability (identifying fake news), sources reliability (identifying fake users) and multi sources data fusion.

 We also train on various open source intelligence systems.

 Governmental projects are executed by our spin-off company Y-Combinations >


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